con|test1 [ˈkɔntest US ˈka:n-] n
1.) a competition or a situation in which two or more people or groups are competing with each other
contest for
the bitter contest for the Republican presidential nomination
Stone decided to hold a contest to see who could write the best song.
I only entered the contest for fun.
It is clear that the election will be a close contest .
contest between/against
the 1960 contest between Kennedy and Nixon
the 1975 Liberal leadership contest
2.) no contest informal
a) spoken used to say that someone or something is the best of its kind
I think you're the best rider here, no contest.
b) if a victory is no contest, it is very easy to achieve
3.) plead no contest
law to state that you will not offer a defence in a court of law for something wrong you have done
COLLOCATES for sense 1
hold a contest
enter a contest (=start taking part in one)
win/lose a contest
beauty contest (=a competition to find the most beautiful person)
talent contest (=a competition to find the best performer)
popularity contest (=a situation in which people decide which person they like the most)
unequal contest British English (=when one person has a much greater chance of winning)
fair contest (=when everyone has the same chance of winning)
close contest (=when someone wins by only a very small amount)
leadership contest (=when two politicians compete to become the leader of their party)
contest 2
con|test2 [kənˈtest] v [T] formal
[Date: 1500-1600; : French; Origin: contester, from Latin contestari 'to call a witness, bring a legal case', from com- ( COM-) + testis 'witness']
1.) to say formally that you do not accept something or do not agree with it
His brothers are contesting the will.
2.) to compete for something or to try to win it
His wife is contesting a seat on the council.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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